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  Pre-Order Your Fall Pre-designed drop-in arrangement to liven up your outdoor space.

About us

Bloomy Smallscapes & Planters, LLC is a company that specializes in four seasons pre-designed or custom, one-time or subscription of live flower designs that are planted in outdoor planters/containers, then delivered directly to the customer.

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Why choose us?

We create highly-personalized designs and stunning planters. When you buy from us, you buy from a dedicated expert team and plant lovers.

Hand Planted

Our plants are carefully selected to ensure quality and long lasting results. 

Natural Sunlight

We understand what our plants need and we make sure that our plants receive the right amount of natural light every day.

Clean Air

Plants need fresh air to grow and dispose of their waste. Our plants get a quality of air that is crucial in the process of photosynthesis.

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